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Gardening architecture Tisk Email

Design and realisation of gardens
3D garden visualisation-NBL Landscape Designer 2016
Roof gardens, teracces, balconies, vertical gardens
Gardena and Hunter irrigation systems
Working at heights, trees treatment
Protection and nutrition of plants, planting of full-grown trees
Complex care of gardens
Laying of grass carpets and grass carpets in offer
Care of lawn, aeration, fertilization, rolling
Garden ponds and brook including filtration and lightening
Maintenance and realisation of interiors and conservatories, hydroponics
Realisation of green walls and garden rockery from nature rock
Pergolas, trellage, terraces, bridges, flower boxes, fences, composters
Realistic artificial fences including installation
Playgrounds of wood and metal elements
Substrates, bark, peat, gravel, stone quarry
Garden furniture, LED lighting, including installation
Lawn mowers, gardening tools, hoses (garden pipes)
Invisible curbs, lined profiles
Garden landscaping, waste disposal, composting, transportation


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